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Energy Efficiency

We at Payless Metal Roof believe metal is the best choice for a roof for many reasons.  First of all, metal roofs are durable and long-lasting so once you commit to installing one, you won't have to worry about replacements or any issues for a good many years. In fact, it is not unusual for a metal roof to last about 50 years. But not only is a metal roof known for its longevity, it is also environmentally-friendly. Metal roofs are responsible for reducing waste in our landfills since they can be placed over the existing roof.  This decreases the environmental damage brought on by removal and disposal of the old one. Metal roofs are also made from 30-60% recycled material. In addition, metal roofs are recognized for adding style and overall increasing the aesthetic appeal of homes and commercial buildings alike.

 But perhaps the most important benefit of a metal roof is its ability to minimize cost from the moment it's installed. Metal is a weather-resistant material and thus minimizes the wear repairs as well as protects the buildings from inclement weather. It is also extremely energy-efficient. Whereas the conventional asphalt roofs absorb heat, metal roofs reflect it and re-emit the heat that has been already absorbed. According to the experts, this technology keeps your home so cool in the summer as to reduce the utility bills by 40% and lowers the temperature inside by 12 degrees F (as compared to an asphalt roof).  The sophisticated design of the roof and the cool pigment technology make a metal roof an ideal choice for those looking for some long-term savings from their home.  If you have any questions about the cost or benefits in installing a metal roof, please call us at 516-927-7890 or email us today.